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In this Friday, March 20, 2015 photo, Fidelia Rodriguez and her son Camilo hold old photos of U. citizen Daniel Smith and his family from before the Cuban Revolution in the Isle of Pines, Cuba.A wise and much beloved counselor, he focused on community service and promoting cooperation between denominations and clergy of different faiths. He practiced in law firms in New York City and as a private practitioner in housing for the poor, until his retirement in 1993. We met again years later, recuperating in Spaulding Rehab Hospital after serious events in Massachusetts General Hospital. He was a graduate of the Los Angeles prep school Harvard Military Academy. At Amherst he was a social fellow who made friends easily. After a brief stint selling used Studebakers, he was elevated to general manager of the Studebaker agency.Much of his work in Enfield was on the delivery of mental health and medical services. He managed to fit in a fair amount of travel, including to the West Coast and the Abacos in the Bahamas as well as to the family cottage in Maine. After the death of his first wife, Joan Weidemann Harris, Jim moved to Cambridge, Mass. Jim enjoyed traveling, mostly in Europe with a stop in Denmark to visit his family. In 1963 he bought a Volkswagen agency in Sunland, which was his principal livelihood for two decades.But today, there is something weighing even heavier on my heart. I somehow entered into this career without a spouse or partner.I dared to be a clergywoman in her 30’s, whose ordination was not preceded or followed by a wedding, or children.Fidelia's father worked as a gardener for the Smiths before the family's property was confiscated by the new government.