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Perl script for updating ip in dns

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Bear in mind that (afaik) every time your DNS address changes, you'll have to wait for the TTL to expire before the changes are reflected worldwide.

I should think the dynamic DNS servers would have a very low TTL for that [email protected] Thanks for the pointers - the problem is that the code on is not really explained, and there are a load of variables with no definition; and so I don't really know where to start with that.

ddclient was originally written by Paul Burry and is now maintained by a group of developers via a Source Forge project.

Acknowledgment: Much of the info here is extracted from the ddclient home page.

I would like to become self-sufficient, and therefore do without services such as DNSDynamic and DYNDNS.

And I don't like paying for services that I could do myself. But the problem is that my ISP (BT) does not offer consumers Static IP addresses.

I have released a Perl script that you can run through cron that will do dynamic DNS updates to a c Panel hosted domain.

It can be run through cron and will update an entry on a c Panel DNS zone when the internet facing IP of the machine running the script changes.

The CGI script on Network B, qualifies the call from Network A (either by an obfuscated URL or some other resource like an .htaccess-protected directory, that's not a problem - I can set that up), and the script reads the IP address (probably from REMOTE_ADDR) and checks to see if a specific hostname matches the IP. If it doesn't, then the script updates the DNS hostname with an A record that matches the IP. Your friends or relatives will always be able to call you, whatever your IP address is, without needing to know it. A tutorial is available to assist with configuration. The client was written in java and supports windows, Mac, Linux, Os2, unix. i used an example from one of the other update clients.. Some nice people have taken the time to write auto-updating clients for the Dt DNS service.The current specifications are available if you would like to know how to write your own updater.Presumably here's how this would work: Network A is behind a gateway with a dynamic IP address.