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Now go to Accounts → Administration → Group Administration. Now go to Accounts → Administration → User Administration and create a new user named "slimsrv". Now we need to change the user's login shell and home directory so that the account is usable to run the server. You'll have to edit the BINDDN and BASEDN variables in each script to match your configuration. -ne 0 ]; then echo "Error: User $ not found in LDAP server" exit 1 fi if [ -n "$" ]; then grep -q -E -e "^$$" /etc/shells if [ $?-ne 0 ]; then echo "Error: $ not found in /etc/shells" exit 1 fi fi echo -n "Current shell: " ldapsearch -LLL -s base -x -b "uid=$,$" login Shell | grep login Shell | awk '' if [ -z "$" ]; then exit fi ldapmodify -x -D $ -W /dev/null if [ $?This latest version includes a new advanced i SCSI targets, more complete configuration of CIFS options and detailed settings for NFS client access. Details are outside the scope of this document, but there's nothing terribly special about installing it, and nothing special you need to do during installation to make Squeeze Center work. From the Web UI, System → System Update → Launch system update. Log into your Open Filer box via ssh and install the following packages.You can choose to install perl modules either in the default perl hierarchy (/usr/lib/perl) or you can install them in a completely separate directory, and point the perl binary to that directory through the use of the PERL5LIB environment variable.For openfiler 2.3 I found a guide on the forums: https://forums.openfiler.com/viewtopic.php? With openfiler 2.99 the scstadmin package has been updated to version 2 instead of version 1. So this is my reworked version of Snick his tutorial. You can use the standard tutorial for this: but make sure that your fiber card isn't in your system!!! I use the ssh command "conary updateall" to follow the process instead of the gui. Edit the /etc/init.d/scst file with a text editor and search for comment that reads: that the last command is to load a Qlogic target driver.The groupname will be used as Z in the next commands.Use the command: Assign servers to the security group.

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Open the Open Filer web interface and go to Accounts → Authentication → Standard View.

Enable target mode for each adapter or interface you want to use for target service with the following command (where X is the WWN seperated by colons for example ":1b:bd:32": Create a security group for the devices that will be using your target.

For example, I will name my security group esxi because my esxi servers will be connecting to openfiler for their datastores.

This configuration is related to IBM DS4xxx, however you can try it on other storage where RDAC is required.

Important: This configuration may not work for certain storage types and is mostly experimental.