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READ MORE ESPN has a civil (and gender) war on its hands ... as "Sports Nation" host Michelle Beadle has lashed out on Twitter at "First Take" host Stephen A. caught up with her in NYC and asked her if she thought women had as much knowledge about sports as their male counterparts or whether they are relegated to sideline reporters because they can gossip.Cohn starts off with a solid answer – absolutely, work hard, do your homework, go above and beyond. When Lee heard about this incident she went on the warpath and confronted Beadle, telling her to never speak to AJ Lee’s boyfriend like that ever again. And I kept walking along with my assistant and two members of WWE PR. After all, this is WWE Divas we’re talking about here…) and WWE officials are supposedly angry and embarrassed over AJ Lee’s backstage behavior, saying she was “coming off like her character in real life, and not in a good way.” Witnesses seem to believe AJ wasn’t being a jealous girlfriend but was instead upset at the “disrespectful” tone Michelle Beadle used with CM Punk. One fan said she “should have slapped AJ Lee when she got in your face.” But Michelle responded, “It was done in front of company people. WWE wants them more than they need any wrestler, so automatically, the wrestler is going to be wrong here, even when [Lee] isn’t really.” But apparently people on Michelle Beadle’s Twitter account are siding with her over the WWE Divas champ.

She anchored NBC Sports Network's daily morning studio coverage of the 2012 London Olympics.

Cohn never mentioned Beadle by name when we ran into her in NYC this week ... we were asking Linda about the ongoing battle that female sports journalists face in the workplace when Linda broke it down for us:"I've been very outspoken I always tell young women they should aim HIGHER than being sideline reporter if they really love sports and have a passion for it.""And if they're knowledgeable about it, do your homework ...

show us how knowledgeable you are and go out there and kick some butt.""But if you're just using it as a stepping stone to be on 'Access Hollywood' then you're not needed here."Boom. AM PT -- Beadle just responded on Twitter ... "Just scheduled a sweet pillow fight with @lindacohn....kissing optional.

But then, it gets personal: Retract the claws, Linda!

Since Beadle is returning to ESPN, maybe Cohn could have been a little less condescending with her answer to avoid future awkard encounteres at the company picnic. Then again, maybe she knows something about Beadle that we don't and there was a falling out.